Weavers International is a state of art
Terry Towel Products manufacturing unit
in Karachi, Pakistan
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Bamboo Towels

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Bar Mop Towels

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Cabana Pool Towels

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Ring Spun Towels

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Zero Twist Towels

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Institutional Towels

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Our bathrobes have been created to allow for all kinds of environments and budgets, from thick, fluffy, sumptuous bathrobes, to lighter weight, but still luxurious bathrobes ideal for the Spa or health club.

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For institutional purposes as well, we are also producing suitable towels  for swimming pools, spas, hotels, motels and health care areas. It offers Hydrogen peroxide bleaching for superior whiteness

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The fibers are tightly twisted, compacted together to create a tougher, smoother and finer yarn. Unlike low-twist cotton, ring spun cotton is constructed from a combination of long and short staple yarn.
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